Is Weje an alternative to Microsoft Whiteboard?

We’re different products and got something special inside.

Weje can help you manage various tasks as you did with Microsoft Whiteboard

Work with elements and docs

Upload any types of files, embed videos, images, tweets, Docs; users can also take advantage of a special card type with previews on boards.

Easy and simple

Work in complex with visuals

You may lack files uploading, video previews, docs and miss twitter cards. Link embedding available only in MW Windows App.

Complicated user interface

Lacks important visual features

Mindmaps & shapes

Create mind maps with various arrows, name and style them as you wish.

Unlimited boards

More arrows - wider variety of templates

Users can create mind maps, add figures and shapes with different line styles.

3 boards only

Limited kit of arrows

Feel the difference now

Decide which tool works better for you.

Create a free whiteboard

Drawing & Online Sketching

Users can choose to draw permanently on special Doodle cards or apply a laser pointer for disappearing lines.

Public and private sharing

Features more drawing options

Only permanent drawing on boards is available. MW users can highlight and erase such lines though.

No blogging feature

Only permanent drawings

It’s up to you to use one of them or both!

Pick the most efficient tool for your productivity and collaboration today.

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