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Everything about Weje is collaborative. Easy to use for anyone. No feature over-bloated. You can use it either by yourself or with others editing simultaneously. Weje’s collaboration works in real time. You can collaborate in-office, remotely, individually, or together. You can assign roles and manage access using admin tools.

Weje Whiteboard is for anyone who looks for a place for team collaboration. If you are responsible for various processes that must be coordinated and shared with other members of the group – go for Weje, it’s helpful and smooth!

Collaboration platform for teams and any teamwork online

Team collaboration tools

Enjoy real-time team collaboration through an online cloud edition or download an Android app. Use a single zone for collaboration, encourage participation from every team member and clarify your brilliant ideas to others at all levels of the organization. Weje Whiteboard is verified as Colaboración.


Since you don’t have to continue switching between different apps to share or design your thoughts, integrations make it simpler to brainstorm jointly.

Real-time collaboration

When you invite someone to view or edit your boards and they are active on the board, icons representing them appear at the top. You can see their cursors moving in real time.

Voice chats

Voice chats allow you to have a call with collaborators while working together, so you can actually discuss how you are working while you are working, or give a talk while showing your creation.


Templates help your team collaborate more quickly and efficiently. Team members can use the template library when working together on a project. They can browse the choices, alter them, or make their own custom templates.

Sharing files

Showing rather than telling is the simplest way to express an idea. You can share documents, images, audio messages, and videos, comment on them, and group them together to keep everything organized.

Control permissions

You can assign roles, manage access and sharing options using admin tools. You can restrict access to only selected users, or give public access to anyone without being forced to sign in.


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