If you have a goal ahead of you there might be plenty of steps you have to make to achieve it. It’s best to structurize your actions and also save your time and effort by using an Action Plan by Weje. With Weje, you can create an unlimited number of digital whiteboards, complete them with files, lists, documents, share access with your collaborators, and easily edit from any device and place. Check out the tutorial on how to achieve your goals using Weje’s Action Plan template.

Pick up an Action Template

Once you’ve signed up to Weje, click “Show all templates” and choose the ACTION PLAN on the dashboard. Customize the project’s name and click “Create.”

Edit and adjust the template

Now you can see a template of an action plan in front of you. It consists of four steps with a few substeps. Imagine you’re a musician planning to find the audience and release records. Such a plan should help you divide your goal into several tasks down to a very detailed plan, like in the example below. 2image This action plan is made of cards — customizable elements with different colors and functions. You can easily move them around the board, change text styles, draw, create lists, etc. Weje also allows you to add audio and video files, images, Google documents, which makes planning even easier since you can gather all the necessary data for the project in one place. Use the buttons in the lower part of your screen to create text cards, Doodle cards (where you can freely draw), upload files, and create lists. In the GIF below, the audio file is added to the board and moved to one of the sections.

Share action plan with collaborators

Weje helps you quickly invite your team members via the invitation link or directly in the email. You can control your access settings and decide who can edit or view the project. On the other hand, you can make your project public for everyone on the internet. Click on the three-dot symbol in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, choose the Public switch on or off, type in the email address of your teammate, and click “Invite,” like in the GIF below. You can also change the cover of your Action plan and create its copy.

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