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Go ahead with smart data-driven decisions in a flash. Join Weje to easily implement knowledge management and create a DIKW model for accurate forecasting.

You may not know that you use DIKW when planning :)

Personal use

Write a book

  • Make notes & save relevant photos from the Web.

  • Catalog these on classes: characters, events, locations, motivations and costumes.

  • Set connections: characters + events + locations + motivations + costumes.

  • Put everything in order.

  • Bingo! You have the layout ready.

Team collaboration

Develop a product

  • Gather ideas, images, schemes and other inputs.

  • Classify each thing: features, target audiences, design, content and many more.

  • Establish interrelations, bring order and make lists.

  • Boom! You get the whole scope.

  • Calculate costs and time, and here's a ready-to-download business plan.

What is the Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom (DIKW) Model?

The DIKW acronym has worked into the rotation from knowledge management...

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