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Fix and collaborate on any ideas quickly in a team or individually.

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Make smart sticky notes for

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You can simply organize ideas, thoughts, and plans on a sticky note board.


Communicate on planning and product development with your teammates.

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Share sticky note boards with polls to your friends and colleagues. Choose the best variant together.


Search connections of ideas and actions with sticky notes online.

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Do with Weje sticky notes whatever you want 🙂

A few easiest ideas that came to our mind.

Monitor activity on a shared note board. 
Share your sticky notes online. 
Make popular schemas and diagrams. 
Embed links into notes with our extension. 
Publish online notes into a blog. 
Draw associations on a Doodle sticky note. 

Don’t stop here!

Organize your virtual sticky notes into Kanban, Flowchart or SWOT.

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