The online whiteboard

Weje is a free online whiteboard software that helps you
bring together content from multiple sources onto a single screen.

A great deal of flexibility and creativity

  • Brainstorming & Ideation
  • Workflow mapping
  • Meetings & Workshops

Convert your thoughts into a digital form

Brainstorm your ideas and organize information in a non-linear way. Ditch the old way of a brainstorm to all-in-one online whiteboard platform. Weje keeps everyone on same page and creates a more manageable way for your team.

Weje whiteboard allows you to type, draw, scribble, stack cards, share files, create shapes and connectors, and much more – all on an infinite cloud-based workspace.

Any changes you make will be instantly synchronized between users, so you can share anything, from anywhere, with anyone, and see updates in real-time.

Voice chats will let you touch base on projects, discuss ideas live and iterate on sprints as a team. Sign up free and try it out now.

Time-saver for workflow

Weje digital online whiteboard speeds up your workflow especially when it comes to content research. Use it for managing tasks and pinboard notes, mapping out ideas, keeping track of research, and saving articles for future use.

Weje gives a shared space to develop product and service ideas in a divergent way. There is literally unlimited space to put everything on the board, build connections between elements, and continually refine it until you land on a solution you like.

Many processes are difficult to reflect in the written word, and if you are a visual person, having an infinite canvas to express ideas and brainstorm virtually is a game changer. Weje is a very intuitive whiteboard solution to manage and handle project briefings, providing visual diagrams and flows.

Cross-functional collaboration

Weje whiteboard is the backbone for you to refine features, allowing ideas and visualizations to be shared freely across your remote teams. Use it to mind map keynotes, to frame operational discussions, to coordinate testing, and other ad-hoc reasons.

With Weje, you can bring in more consultants into your business, and give them a workspace where they can contribute more and create business opportunities for your company.

If you look for some whiteboard or place for team collaboration, if you are responsible for various processes that must be coordinated and shared with other members of the group – go for Weje, it’s helpful and smooth!

Why Weje whiteboard?

Here are the best reasons to give Weje whiteboard a try with your team.

  • Weje is as simple as sign-in and start using. No software to install. Anyone with a web-browser can work!
  • Suited for teams where creativity and flexibility are needed over straight task management.
  • Being cloud-based, and having all in the cloud is another huge win over other desktop tools.
  • Great for putting together your thoughts and mapping out complex ideas visually. Collaborate, brainstorm, embrace your skills, and visualize your ideas.
  • Your clients will be impressed and quickly adapted to Weje being your main review platform.

Make Weje whiteboard an integral part of your daily routine to get a glance of how your day is looking and where you are headed next.

Free online whiteboard
  • Easy to share content with people without a Weje account.
  • Perfect for ideation which traditionally would have been done on a whiteboard with sticky notes, or with a pen and paper.
  • Weje will take the place of the whiteboard that can keep live and be updated later.
  • It’s great for doing team reflections and retrospectives.
  • Enjoy the interactivity when leading brainstorming and strategic planning meetings using Weje.
  • A great place to align teams and gather all the info about the projects

Everything you need to collaborate online

Plan Effectively

Strategize, set clear-cut objectives, and track results to turn yourself or your team into a goal-crushing machine.

Get feedback

Give and get real-time feedback for smarter workflows and better results.

Discuss ideas live

Have an audio call with collaborators either while working together or presenting your board.

Brainstorm like a pro

Spark inspiration, tap into the collective brainpower of your team, and never let an idea slip through the cracks.

Enhance learning

Plan, create learning materials and interactive tasks, and use the shared whiteboard to foster student engagement.

Study smarter

Organize your to-dos, save useful content directly to Weje, and convert intangible ideas into easy-to-understand visual concepts.

Get started whiteboarding using our templates

Whether you use a template or start from scratch, Weje gives you an infinite whiteboard space and a set of tools that let you add text, audio messages, doodles, freehand drawings, shapes, arrows, tables, and other elements, upload files, move into presentation mode, start an audio channel, access the board history, and more.

User story mapping
Org chart
Helps you map out your organization in a tree structure.
Analyze Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to focus on.
Action plan
Detail what you need to do to achieve your main goal.
Lesson plan
Describe a plan, a curriculum, organize assignments and many more.

Give it a try with the Free plan!

Share whiteboard with your team members and work together remotely.

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Frequently asked questions about online whiteboard

What is Weje online whiteboard?

Weje is an infinite canvas where you can have a combination of a strict formal Kanban board for structured data with flexibility of free hand data stored in cards, and which can be just a pile of cards for anything. The cool thing is that when you are ready you can drag cards onto each other, and turn them into structured data.

Weje is the tool which enables you to build the digital white board online in order to crack your problem, solve the mystery, or just get a better view of things.

Why would I need this online whiteboard for free?

Weje helps your team communicate, manage projects and tasks, and store and share files more efficiently. Common use cases for Weje online whiteboard include online meetings, collaborative content creation, running workshops and classes, team messaging, and project task management.

What do I use an online whiteboard for?

For instance, for storing pieces and bits of information from different sources - documents, web page content (web clipper is in the works), videos, images, etc. Take pictures of your post-it notes lying on your desk and upload them to a board, then drag them one into another and made collapsible stacks each containing related notes - this is efficient data organization, and when thinking and logic change you would drag cards off the stack and place them into another stack, or keep them free-floating on the canvas. This is all done visually, and the benefits are centralized storage plus bird's eye view of your data.

How to get started with my web whiteboard?

The most frequently asked question from new members is how to get started with Weje's digital online whiteboard. There is so much information out there that it makes many beginners and non-tech people feel very overwhelmed. Luckily, there is no need to feel this way because it’s actually really easy to get started with Weje! Here’s why:

  1. Most of the beautiful Weje projects you see online are created with just the 5 basic objects, which are super easy to learn, there isn't much of a learning curve!
  2. Once you know the 5 basic objects, you can create anything your heart desires: mindmaps, web page content, diagrams and flowcharts, status reports, action plans, etc. Use them to brainstorm ideas, facilitate meetings, run workshops and classes, and so much more.
  3. Weje makes it easy for newcomers to use a digital whiteboard even if they have never tried a similar application before. You can use it on desktop computers, or Android phones and tablets, and it's best on touch screens.