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Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. It may be a live test, like changing a place of residence, relationships problems, a dead end in some tasks on work that you’re struggling to solve. The first and most common piece of advice that comes to mind in such situations is to list all the positive and negative aspects and compare them. One can do it in Weje with ease, by using a predesigned template. Just follow this brief tutorial.

Pick up a Pros and Cons Template

Once you’ve signed up to Weje, choose “Pros and cons” on the dashboard. Customize the project’s name and click “Create.”

Edit and Adjust the Template

A Pros and Cons template consists of two columns, each has a few cards in it. Imagine you have to make a tough decision that will change the lives of your family members forever. It’s best to write down all pros and cons, like in the example below. This way you will be able to make choice based on the entire situation. 2a-template-example-pros-cons The Pros and Cons board is made of customizable cards that can have different colors, text styles, and functions. You can easily move them around the board, for instance, based on priority. Change the color of a card to yellow when you’re not quite sure about the information inside it. In Weje, you can add audio and video files, images, Google documents, etc., which is helpful when you need to see all the relevant information that may influence your decision in front of your eye. Use the buttons in the lower part of your screen to create text cards, Doodle cards (where you can freely draw), upload files, and create lists. In the GIF below, a playable audio file has been added to the board, the color of the card has been adjusted, and it has been connected to the relevant card in the Pros list.

Share Pros and Cons with Collaborators

Weje helps you quickly invite your friends, family, and team members via the invitation link or directly in the email. You can control your access settings and decide who can edit or view the project. On the other hand, you can make your project public for everyone on the internet. Click on the three-dot symbol in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, choose the Public switch on or off, type in the email address of a person you want to share your board with, and click “Invite,” like in the GIF below. You can also change the cover of your Pros and Cons board, label (color of your project in the main menu), and create its copy.

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