Is Weje an alternative to Notion?

We’re different products and got something special inside

Weje can help you manage various tasks as you did with Notion

Pro Tip: We don’t say that you must use one tool. We have something unique and similar. So you can divide your personal and work spaces between the two. The aim of our comparison is to show what convenience Weje has over alternatives.

Whiteboarding & Visuals

Different knowledge management approach to the data and files. This whiteboard view allows for making a lot of visual schemes and getting ready-made templates.

Easy and simple

Visualizes your schemes

Notion has a more text-oriented view. It allows you to work with different elements that are organized in a chain way.               

Complicated user interface

Lacks visual formatting of items

Mindmaps & shapes

Create mind maps with various arrows, name and style them as you wish.

Unlimited boards

Any flowchart can be crafted

There’s no option to make, build, design etc. mind maps and to add figures and shapes with different line styles.

3 boards only

No such features

Feel the difference now

Decide which tool works better for you.

Create a free whiteboard


Due to the whiteboard view you can go on mind mapping, diagramming and set up many more combinations with flexible cards and lists. You are free to create your own with a rich toolset.

Public and private sharing

More own visual templates

Notion has mainly fixed selection of templates like Kanban, to-do checklists etc. And if you want to get more templates you have to integrate another service.

No blogging feature

Integration needed for more templates

Drawing & Online Sketching

Users can choose to draw permanently on special Doodle cards or apply a laser pointer for disappearing lines for team collaboration.

Public and private sharing

More drawing options

No doodle cards and features for drawing, more schematic system for elements organization. Only integration is needed to do that.

No blogging feature

No online sketching

It’s up to you to use one of them or both!

Pick the most efficient tool for your productivity and collaboration today.

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