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How to add Google Docs in Weje

In Weje, you can add Google Documents to a whiteboard in no time.

How to add YouTube videos in Weje

In Weje, you can add links to YouTube videos to a whiteboard in no time.

How to make checklists

Checklists for your todos and dones.

How to move content between boards

The hack on how to move fifferent content on boards.

How to delete my account and all my Weje content

Delete my account and content instruction.

Text formatting in cards

How to format text in cards?

How to make boards public

Make your boarss visible to everyone across the internet.

Starred boards: how to mark them?

Mark you favorite boards in one click.

How to upload files in Weje

Upload any files easily.

How to use admin tools to change permissions

Admin tools and permissions.

How to delete items

Delete different types of content.

How to work with mindmaps

Create Weje mindmaps immediately.

How to duplicate objects on a board

Choose any item (card, list, file) by clicking on it. You’ll get editing tools and one that is shown with an arrow will help you to duplicate your item. OR place your cursor over the desired item and press Ctrl to copy the object and move it nearby: You can do the same with several […]

How to draw on board upon collaboration

Draw on boards and highlight main things.

How to group objects on a board

Grouping feature inside.

How to select multiple items on the board

Work with several items simultaneously.

How to work with templates

Work with ready-made templates in our gallery.

How to leave a board

Learn how to leave a shared board

How to copy a board

Learn how to create a copy of any Weje board

Undo / Redo

Learn how to undo and redo last commands

How to delete a board

Weje boards can be deleted. And restored from the Trash.

How to start with Weje on a new board

Discover how to make your Weje boards in 2 clicks.

How to work with lists

Work with lists easily by doing simple combinations and actions.

How to install Weje PWA application

Find out how to improve your productivity using Weje mobile application

How to work with cards

A quick intro how to start working with Weje, how to add your first card to your first board

How to zoom objects on board

Use zooming for comfortable work on your boards.

Weje Shortcuts & Control Cheatsheet (Hotkeys)

Learn hotkeys to create cards, lists and operate them on boards in 2 clicks.

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