In Weje you can have unlimited number of boards even on the free plan. By the way, you may need to delete non-used boards just to clean up the work space.

You have two options how to delete a board.

Option 1. From the Dashboard. In the list of your boards you may see “settings” menu on the right, click on it and choose “Deleted” to remove the board you don’t need anymore.

Option 2. From the board.

In the right top corner click “…” to open board setting. Then click “Move to trash”.

Note. On this screenshot you may see “Leave board” button, that means that this is not your board, but you are invited to view or co-edit it. In this can you can just leave it, and it will disappear from your dashboard.

How to restore boards

In the dashboard click “Trash” in the left column to see a list of recently deleted boards. You may restore any of them there.

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