Weje Shortcuts & Control Cheatsheet (Hotkeys)

Learn hotkeys to create cards, lists and operate them on boards in 2 clicks.

Note: we changed the design of cards and lists but the process is the same.

How to create a card/list:

C – create a card on the board;
Left mouse double click – create a card;

L – create a list

Tip: if you want to create a card or list inside any card or list, you can choose the card/list and press C or L accordingly.


Enter – edit a title of a card or list;

U – upload a file;

Ctrl+G – group several selected objects in a list

Delete or Backspace– delete selected objects by moving them to trash;

Space – expand or collapse a card;

Place your cursor over the desired card(s)/list(s) and press Ctrl to copy the objects;

Ctrl+Z – undo a previous action;

Ctrl_Shift+Z or Ctrl+Y – redo;

Ctrl+ and ctrl- – zoom.