In Weje, you can delete two types of content: the boards and content inside the boards (cards, lists, files, comments, drawings, etc.)

To remove your boards, go to your Dashboard, click on the three-dot symbol on the right-hand side of your screen, then choose “Delete.”

Click “Yes” in a pop-up window to move your board to Trash. Press Ctrl+Z to undo this action.

Weje is designed to safely store your ideas and information. That’s why your boards go to “Trash” first without being removed instantly.

If you want to restore any of your past projects alongside data and files contained there, go to the “Trash” section, just click on the board, and answer “Yes” to restore it. It will appear on the All Boards section again.

Let’s now learn to delete items inside the boards. Click on any item you want to remove and either press DEL or click on the red cross on the right-hand side. Click Ctrl+Z to undo this action.