How to create a card

Note: we changed the design of cards and lists but the process is the same.

Press C on the keyboard to create a card on the board OR
double click the left mouse button;

OR click the “card” 

at the bottom of the board

How to edit a card

Click on the card and press Enter to edit a title OR double click with the left mouse button on the field where shows the arrow.

How to color any card 

Click the circle to change the color. 

How to duplicate a card

Choose a card and press “duplicate” as on the screen.

OR place your cursor over the desired card and press Ctrl to copy the object and move it nearby:

How to collapse/expand a card

For collapsing:

For expanding:

How to delete a card

Press “cross” OR

delete or backspace on the keyboard to delete selected objects by moving them to trash.

How to work with group of cards

Choose several cards with Shift + Left mouse button

Then, you can:

  • Group 

Use Ctrl + G to group several selected objects in a list as on the screen. 

As well you can choose the “Group into a list” button to get the same result as above.

  • Color

Make several cards of the same color as in the example:

  • Duplicate 

You can easily duplicate the group of materials and copy them across the board.

  • Collapse/Expand

Click the arrow to collapse or expand a group of cards.