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How can I collaborate with my team on a board?

Go to the dots (in the top left corner) to call the settings of your board:

You’ll get the menu with all settings in:

  1. Invite any collaborators by email and give permissions like view/edit.
  2. See who’s already in.
  3. See the board’s owner.
  4. See the actions that a person can perform and change permissions anytime:

5. Delete a person from collaborators.

Who’s on a board?

See collaborators on a board in real-time:

Follow the actions of teammates easily with cursors (1) and highlight main points and information with pointer mode (2):

You can ON pointer mode in the left bottom corner near the zoom settings:

How to communicate with the team?

Call the chat (1): send any message by pressing enter or plane(3), see who’s commenter (2) and enable or disable its notifications on board by clicking on the bell (4).

Read more about chatting

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