You can easily customize your text content in Weje. The service offers you the standard text formatting options, which include fonts, text alignment, styles, and lists. Let’s learn how to alter these parameters.


There are three font types in Weje: bold, italic, and citation. The last option makes the text italic with an indent at the beginning. Highlight the text you want to change and choose between these three options, like in the GIF below.

Text Alignment

Choose between four standard alignment options: left align (the default option), right align, center align, or justify your text to the width, like in the GIF below.


You can choose between four styles of formatting, which allows you to better organize your text, especially the larger pieces, and make your thoughts easier to understand. “Heading 1”, “Heading 2”, and “Heading 3” helps you create the right hierarchy in your text, and the “Normal” option makes your text a regular paragraph. Highlight the text and choose between these options, like in the GIF below.


Don’t confuse this with the “List” cards, since now we only discuss text formatting options within the cards. Highlight a piece of text, and choose between two lists options: numbered and bullet. Press “Enter” at the end of the line to create the next point in your list, like in the GIF below.

You can remove all the formatting from your text. Highlight it and choose the last option in the menu, where all formatting options are kept.

Remember, you can change the formatting of different text parts depending on your goals. Simply highlight a specific piece of text and choose any formatting options you need.