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Share a virtual drawing board that brings life to your ideas and assets.

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The versatile desktop for your life and work

  • Team collaboration
  • Moodboards
  • Research & Education
  • Mindmapping
  • Knowledge base & Publishing

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Collect visually inspiring materials for your projects, and organize them the way it looks best. Learn more

Collect and share your knowledge in a structured visual way. Learn more

Do a brainstorming session by yourself or with your team, and structure it in a clutter-free way. Learn more

Collect notes, articles, and documents, and publish your articles right from the board. Learn more

Flexible organization

Weje has a unique flexible user interface that helps you growing your ideas from nothing to a powerful team workspace.

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Collect ideas and materials

Just put all your ideas, materials, and links on the boards. Be creative. Brainstorm alone or with your buddies.

Keep things sorted

Combine cards together into vertical stacks, and link related stuff with colorful lines. Make a visual logic that best fits your project.

Organize it your way

As your board grows, group your content into lists. Collapse anything to hide content when it's not needed.


Embedded objects

Work with your Google Docs, AirTable, Figma, and Miro documents right on your Weje board. Integrate files, tasks, tables, and layouts to streamline your workflow. You'll see all the changes in Weje by syncing with other services.


Available on Web and Android

Make your website in Weje. With Publications, you can publish a web page with a few clicks. Write an article or a blog post, make a portfolio or even a 3D presentation — Weje compiles your content in one easy-to-manage place. Once you're done, it takes two seconds, and you're ready to publish. No designer necessary.

FREE for small teams

When it comes to collaborating with your friends and teammates, Weje has you covered.

Template gallery

Choose from our library of 30+ ready-to-use templates and start working in seconds.
Now generate big ideas and apply them to your team in a heartbeat.

  • To-do List
  • KWL chart
  • MoSCoW
  • Action plan
  • Lesson plan
  • SWOT
  • Pros and cons

To-do List

It’s best to structurize your actions and also save your time and effort by using an Action Plan by Weje.

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KWL chart

It’s best to structurize your actions and also save your time and effort by using an Action Plan by Weje.

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It’s best to structurize your actions and also save your time and effort by using an Action Plan by Weje.

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Action plan

Structurize your tasks and actions, save your time and efforts

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Lesson plan

Prepare lesson plans using this template

Learn more


SWOT Analyze markets and competitors with the most crucial and frequently used method

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Pros and cons

Define the positive and negative aspects of the project and compare them visually

Learn more

Weje features


Collect any information from the web. Write notes and grow ideas. Set goals and remember tasks. No matter if it’s YouTube, Wikipedia or Instagram – drag anything into Weje.


Structure and present your libraries of knowledge in countless different ways. Invent your own approach to productivity on top of your favorite web services, such as YouTube or Google Docs.


See all of the changes synchronized between your devices, providing consistent access to your own digital environment from anywhere in the world.


Soon you’ll be able to get instant results from your data inside Weje or any other connected web services using Weje’s powerful search engine.


Share anything with your friends or teammates, and enjoy all your changes instantly synchronized between users. Assign tasks and due dates to any cards to manage your team’s workflow.


Publish anything ranging from a simple note to advanced research. Share it on your favorite social network and let your friends admire your thoughtful work.

What our users say

FREE for small teams

When it comes to collaborating with your friends and teammates, Weje has you covered.


What can Weje do?

Weje is excellent for taking personal notes and storing files, conducting lessons and preparing tutorials, collaborative projects, and team task management.

How does Weje differ from similar services?

Weje has no limit on the number of boards you can have. The platform accepts and displays a large number of data types. Upload more than just text — Weje can handle dynamic media like 3D objects and charts.

What devices does the service work on?

Weje is a web service, and it works everywhere with a browser — PC, tablets, and mobile. We also offer an app for Android to make it easier to access Weje on mobile devices. The app for iOS is on the way.

Is it possible to work in teams?

Yes! Weje is primarily for collaboration, and you can invite your teammates to the boards to work together. We are also working on a team dashboard, which will further simplify teamwork.

Is it safe to store personal data on your boards?

All data is stored on secure servers and can only be seen by people you give access to your boards. However, data can be intercepted by malware on your device, so we recommend that sensitive information is stored in other ways.

How quickly can you learn to use Weje?

Weje is intuitive. Think of writing on your physical desktop or a whiteboard. The general principles are straightforward. Also we are constantly developing tutorials, tips, and expanding our knowledge base with best practices.

Is there integration with other popular services?

Weje can interpret data from many popular services. For example, you can paste a Google Doc or Sheet onto your board and work with it. Likewise, you can view Figma layouts directly on the board. A full list of integrations will be published in our knowledge base soon.

Can Weje be used for training, presentations, and other public events?

Weje is great for lessons and presentations. Everyone on the board can see each other’s actions in real time. It's also possible to make a board public and any users can join it without the need to register.

How many users can be on a board?

Any number of users can be added to a board, but on a free plan, only three people (including the board owner) can be editors at a time.