What is a Weje Page?

It’s a feature for publishers that want to share boards to their audience. You can call it a mini-blog cause it is public and you can share your link with everyone. The result is here.

You can convert your list and cards to a page by clicking the button “Public”.

After clicking on this button you will get a menu like this one. And your published content will appear in the “Content” menu.

When you click “Settings” (1) you will see the name of your published list or card and owner and the date.
If you will want to delete it click “Move to trash” (2).

Below are “Sharing” options where you can send invitations to your page.

Click on the link icon to share your result and get that Weje page!

You will see that the link is copied with this pop-up.

And if you want your users to see your page by link without registration just toggle the switch below.

Publish your content (card and list) to a neat page!

Such a neat look I’ve got from my list with ideas! You can see it on my link.