The aesthetic moodboard maker

The aesthetic moodboard maker

Manage your creative ideas with a digital mood board maker from Weje. Design beautiful moodboards and showcase them to the world in minutes!

The aesthetic moodboard maker

What is a mood board?

A moodboard (also a mood board) is a collage of photos, drawings, sketches, icons, backgrounds, fonts, and graphic objects. They are picked and grouped together as per color, ornament, leitmotif as a whole, or any other criteria that a creator desires.


Moodboards reflect a sole visual idea

They are dearly loved by interior and web designers, tailors, photographers, and other creative people. Initially, mood boards were physical canvas with pinned pictures. Now, a digital mood board comes to the fore, and for a reason - it is far handier, easy-to-access, and quickly shareable.

How to make a mood board with Weje?

1Create an online whiteboard

Log in to the Weje account and click “Create a board”. After a blank canvas opens, name it and start working out the mood board concept.
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Fish for inspiring designs on the Web or just trigger off your creative talent. Set ideas in order, write down the “semantic core” for the mood and categorize words into meaningful clusters with Weje tools for cards and lists.

Upload an image from the computer or copy its URL and paste it right onto the virtual canvas. After, arrange pictures in groups. Use overlays, add frames, apply blurred edges, shadowing, and other effects - whichever makes the mood board looking more holistic. Weje accepts pretty any file type, so don’t worry about converting images.

Grant access to the mood board prototype and allow collaborators to participate in the design. Or you can send an invitation to clients - to reconcile interim versions with them and keep track of time spent.

After your masterwork is completely finished, let the world see it! Email or message a link to all interested parties or download the mood board and print it.

Your aesthetic moodboard is just around the corner!

Create a interior moodboard template using Weje features.


Upload images

JPG, PNG, JPEG, PDF, or image URL - paste whichever you want or can find.


Use sticky notes

Track the progress of sticky notes and move them to “Done”.


Map out and Draw

Use a built-in mind map maker or a painting tool - to arrange uploads even better.


Share with the team

Make canvas a single workspace for teamwork. Add collaborators and set editing permits.

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How about keeping ideas with you far and wide?

Weje digital boards are fully adaptable for mobile, so you can edit the mood board on the go or from anywhere in the world!

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