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Online whiteboard for students


  • Keep class notes in order and always on hand.
  • Create “To-Do’s” and reading lists.
  • Prepare a class or group board and manage weekly agenda, faculty meetings, and so on.
  • Digitalize your online education process with student whiteboards.
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Online whiteboard for educators


  • Build lesson plans and schedule courses.
  • Design digital syllabus worksheets and organize teaching supplies.
  • Move your physical classroom whiteboard to online and create a web page for it.
  • Discover a new edtech solution among other teaching tools.
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How to set up a virtual classroom?

Work on assignments, lesson plans, and projects – either individually or in teams, on private or shared whiteboards.


Go online and administer class pages, studies, and agendas through Weje boards.


Organize docs, schemas, notes, mind maps, and projects on free unlimited digital whiteboards.


Work on assignments, lesson plans, and projects – either individually or in teams, on private or shared whiteboards.


Track the lesson or homework progress and plan the agenda with native cards and lists.


Stay updated on any modifications thanks to named cursors and pointers to changes.


Design projects using various inputs from the web (YouTube videos, Google sheets, pics and so on).

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Frequently asked questions

No matter if you’re a student or an educator, you can apply for a Weje account today.

Why is Weje free for both students and educators?

Weje is a perfect tool for online education. And it couldn’t be more core to our mission than to support the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and leaders.

What organizations can get Weje for free?

Students and educators from accredited organizations: schools, colleges, universities, and other education providers under applicable law or other identifying factors.

How long can I use my education account?

For a faculty, an education account is eternally free. As a student, you can use Weje for free as long as you qualify for the license. After the account is created it will be valid within two years. To extend your license, simply re-apply with proof of active.

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Free for personal use

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