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Weje makes ideation and collaboration as easy as ABC

Organize a cascade of info into boards and folders and tidy up your thoughts.


Capture and visualize ideas turning them into cards, lists, tables and so on.


Bring all team members under one roof and ensure seamless team collaboration.

Get feedback
Get feedback

Give and get real-time feedback for smarter workflows and better results.

A visual collaboration platform that empowers you to
A visual collaboration platform that empowers you to
Plan Effectively

Strategize, set clear-cut objectives, and track results to turn yourself or your team into a goal-crushing machine.

Distribute roles

Assign roles by tagging team members and stay on top of tasks and projects.

Brainstorm like a pro

Spark inspiration, tap into the collective brainpower of your team, and never let an idea slip through the cracks.

Enhance learning

Plan, create learning materials and interactive tasks, and use the shared whiteboard to foster student engagement.

Study smarter

Organize your to-dos, save useful content directly to Weje and convert intangible ideas into easy-to-understand visuals.

In Weje, there’s a solution for everyone

Use visuals and video to stimulate cognitive processes and turn online classes into engaging experiences.

Save boards and materials and share them with your students for future reference.

Create Kanban boards to assign homework and track progress hassle-free.

Invite students to contribute and feel like you’re in the same room.


Skip the messy email chain and bring business ideas to life in a single place.

Create and share projects to-dos and get them done.

Enable real-time collaboration and feedback.

Build efficient workflows and skyrocket your team’s performance.

Share and collaborate on files no matter where you are.


Structure content and ideas to conquer information overload.

Save web content directly to Weje and never lose a file or link again.

Jot down great ideas before your thoughts move on to something else.

Create compelling multimedia presentations for work and study.

Create mood boards to optimize your creative and research processes.

What our users say

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Tasnima Tanzim

Tasnima Tanzim

Multidisciplinary Designer

I was using Weje to store information and organize research for my thesis project. It was one of the best things I’ve used in a while in terms of organizing information.

Kari McCarthy

Kari McCarthy

Creative, Editorial & Brand Leader

I’m excited about the ease/freedom of creating idea boards that can include video or any kind of media for my video team. I like being able to organize it however my brain is working that day.

Just Sturgis

Just Sturgis

Hospitality Consultant & Brand Development

Weje is an incredible app. It features somewhere between data collection and a visual library and the usability is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Carlos Renteria

Carlos Renteria

MBA / Master of entrepreneurship and innovation

I love the idea, the interface, the functionality, the diverse layers of organisation. I am really excited with your product.

Thomas Steiger

Thomas Steiger

Software Engineer

I really like the concept of the boxes, to be able to nest them and combine them together.

Ian Kruger

Ian Kruger

Research, Consulting

Thanks for a brilliant product.

Organize your thoughts and collaborate seamlessly, and turn goals into actions — all on a single web whiteboard.
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