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Team collaboration tools

Become well-equipped for a successful collaboration with remote teams and in-house teamwork.

Drag & drop tools

Move and arrange all types of information.

Pointers and markers

Improve team engagement with cursors, comments, and markers.

Real-time collaboration

Provide accurate instructions, clarify and listen for high-grade teamwork.

Countless boards

Create boards for any department or subject.

DIKW approach

Manage information through mind mapping, Kanbans, and many more.

Control permissions

Define roles, responsibilities, and sharing options for boards..

What our users say

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Tasnima Tanzim

Tasnima Tanzim

Multidisciplinary Designer

I was using Weje to store information and organize research for my thesis project. It was one of the best things I’ve used in a while in terms of organizing information.

Kari McCarthy

Kari McCarthy

Creative, Editorial & Brand Leader

I’m excited about the ease/freedom of creating idea boards that can include video or any kind of media for my video team. I like being able to organize it however my brain is working that day.

Just Sturgis

Just Sturgis

Hospitality Consultant & Brand Development

Weje is an incredible app. It features somewhere between data collection and a visual library and the usability is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Carlos Renteria

Carlos Renteria

MBA / Master of entrepreneurship and innovation

I love the idea, the interface, the functionality, the diverse layers of organisation. I am really excited with your product.

Thomas Steiger

Thomas Steiger

Software Engineer

I really like the concept of the boxes, to be able to nest them and combine them together.

Ian Kruger

Ian Kruger

Research, Consulting

Thanks for a brilliant product.

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