Learning is not always easy so it’s in your best interest to optimize this process. First and foremost principle of successful learning is to divide information into smaller portions based on the topics and your abilities. With that in mind, you can use various tools to get better at learning, and the KWL Chart is one of the most helpful ways to achieve this goal. KWL stands for “What I Know,” “What I Wander,” and “What I Learned” accordingly. It’s useful for school and college students, teachers, professors, and anyone who’s seeking to gain new knowledge. To get a better idea, consider checking a KWL Chart template by Weje. Read on to learn how to improve your learning skills.

Pick up a KWL Chart Template

Once you’ve signed up to Weje, choose “KWL Chart” on the dashboard. Customize the project’s name and click “Create.”

Edit and Adjust the Template

The KWL Chart template consists of three blocks: “What I Know,” “What I Wander,” and “What I Learned”. Each block is marked with a different color. Imagine being a student and having some questions that really bother you for a long while — a difference between humans and animals, for instance. It’s best to try and find the answers just like the student did with the little help of a Weje KWL Chart. In the example below, he/she wrote down the familiar information on the subject, put some questions in the “What I Wander” column, and wrote the results in the last section. 2-kwl-chart-example Like any board in Weje, the KWL Chart template is made of customizable cards that can have different colors, text styles, and functions. Drag and drop a card to change its location, click on it and alter the color, highlight a piece of text and change the font, like in the GIF below. The service also allows you to add audio and video files, images, Google documents, etc. It’s helpful when you need to enrich your text content with visuals or sound comments, keeping all the relevant information about the subject in front of you. Use the buttons in the lower part of your screen to create text cards, Doodle cards (where you can freely draw), upload files, and create lists. In the GIF below, an image and a YouTube video have been added to the board, and they have been connected to the main chart in a logical way.

Share KWL Chart with Collaborators

You can quickly invite your team members and friends via the invitation link or directly in the email. Control your access settings and decide who can edit or view the project. It’s also easy to make your project public for everyone on the internet. Click on the three-dot symbol in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, choose the Public switch on or off, type in the email address of a person you want to share your board with, and click “Invite,” like in the GIF below. You can also change the cover of your KWL Chart board, label (color of your project in the main menu), and create its copy.

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