How to Use Free Backlink Checkers to Boost Your SEO Strategy

Amid the evolving demand for quality content, your SEO strategy has to run parallel, matching head-to-head with content.

How is this possible?

Some beginners might say to use high-ranking keywords to push your content. Yes, it is the right method, but not sufficient enough.

The best practices involve using quality backlinks for SEO success. Backlinks not only influence your search engine rankings but also impact your website’s overall credibility and visibility. However, not every organization has the budget to deploy premium SEO tools for marketing.

Fortunately, there are several free backlink checkers available that can significantly aid your SEO strategy; Google Search Console is one of the most popular free backlink checkers.

In this blog, we will walk you through how to use these tools to enhance your SEO efforts effectively.

The Importance of Backlinks In SEO

Backlinks are vital for SEO because they are major authority builders apart from quality content. A higher number of quality backlinks usually leads to better search engine rankings and increased website visibility and authority.

Google’s algorithm continues to favor and rank websites with high-quality backlinks, identifying them as more relevant and trustworthy compared to those with fewer backlinks.

Discover some useful free backlink checkers:

Looking for a free backlink checker? Several reputed free backlink checkers provide valuable insights into your backlink profile.

Below are some popular ones:

Ahrefs Backlink checker

By using Ahref’s free version, you can easily access the top 100 backlinks to any website or URL, including the top 5 most linked pages, most common anchor texts, etc.

RankWatch Backlink Checker

Developed by RankWatch, the tool literally does as its name suggests—helps you watch your search engine rankings and backlink profiles. One of the most reasonably priced and accurate link-checking tools, Rankwatch, can help you ace your SEO efforts.


The free version of Semrush provides a detailed backlink analysis along with the ability to track up to 100 backlinks per request.

Moz Link Explorer

Moz offers a free community version of its Link Explorer, giving users access to a detailed backlink profile for any website. This tool also provides access to new and lost links.

Using Free Backlink Checkers to improve SEO results

To effectively use free backlink checkers in boosting your SEO strategy, follow these steps:

Identify Your Backlink Profile

The initial step is to understand your current backlink profile. Look at the number of backlinks, the quality of these backlinks, the diversity of the referring domains, and the relevance of links to your industry.

Monitor Your Competitor’s Performance

Competitor analysis is a critical part of your SEO strategy. Using these tools, you can analyze the backlink profiles of your top competitors. Identify the pathway of their backlinks and the quality of the links. With this, you can discover new backlink opportunities and refine your SEO strategy.

Find High-Quality Link Opportunities

Look for some patterns in the backlink data you have collected in the above steps. Identify authoritative domains that can easily link to similar content. Further, you need to strategize ways to secure backlinks from them.

Track New and Lost Backlinks

By regularly monitoring your backlink profile, you get to understand which backlinks you have gained or lost. This approach allows you to react quickly to any changes that could impact your SEO performance.

Improve Your Linkbuilding Strategy

Based on the collected data above, you can refine your link-building strategies to focus more on quality rather than quantity. Here, you should also focus on obtaining backlinks from high-authority websites.

Best practices you can adopt while using free backlink checkers

Regular Audits

SEO is dynamic, so regular audits are necessary to keep updated with changes. If your website is not properly optimized, then some potential customers might not land on your website. This could be a lost business opportunity.

Take a balanced View

This means you should combine data collected from several tools to get a comprehensive view of your backlink profile. You can also use this data as a part of a broader SEO strategy.

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Free backlink checkers can be a valuable part of your SEO toolkit, helping you understand your website’s backlink profile and improve your SEO strategies further. With an effective SEO strategy, you can improve your website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results.

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