How To Outsource SEO (+ Best Practices, Challenges & Services)

If you are one of those business owners who do everything by yourself, then over time, you might reach a dead end. This may sound counterintuitive to many entrepreneurs, but you need to learn to delegate your responsibilities.

This is the only way to succeed in the modern world, which requires deep expertise in different fields. Let’s take link building, for example. It is just one of the SEO components, but you will quickly find out that even this activity alone requires many skills, and you must consider multiple nuances to succeed.

Best Practices of SEO Outsourcing in 2024

Using the example of a studio that develops websites, full-time employees can cover design, programming, and layout, but third-party contractors promote SEO.

At the same time, full-time employees manage the project and communicate with the customer. The client deals with the so-called “White Label” strategy when one company carries out the work, and its results are used under another brand.

There are two main goals: savings and better quality of work. SEO is a difficult task even for professionals in this industry, and not every company can afford to hire qualified specialists. And if in-house is not an option, then outsourcing will be an excellent alternative. After all, the work still needs to be done.

Evaluate Financial Aspect

We know that no matter what you buy, choosing something cost-effective is often the best solution. Still, beware of suspiciously low pricing because great SEO outsourcing can’t be cheap. The services with lower rates are not necessarily the best choice. So, before hiring anyone, make sure to check their reviews and legitimacy. Finding a professional link building option with an affordable SEO rate, for example, is quite challenging, but don’t get despaired.

Don’t Trust Verbal Promises

Often, when a business searches for a corporate SEO outsourcing service provider, the other party’s customer service can verbally promise some unverified information to convince the business to choose their service. Unfortunately, these are just words, and they don’t have any legal value. So unless they put it on paper, don’t trust these promises to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

Check Qualifications

Since you can’t really trust the verbal promises of the service providers, you should start by studying their qualifications. Still, it is not impossible to falsify qualifications. Based on this, don’t believe everything you hear. Instead, do your own research and try to gather as much feedback as possible. That’s your best way to ensure you get quality services in the end. Well, at least you’ll do your best.

Since the SEO industry has been shuffled many times, it is difficult for a low-tech outsourcing company to maintain it for a long time, so by paying attention to the information you can find online, one can determine the authenticity of the outsourcing service provider with a high probability.

What Can You Outsource in SEO?

The answer is simple — everything, without exaggeration. Comprehensive development allows us to ensure stable growth in any area, even very competitive ones. If we talk about individual services, then we can outsource one-time tasks for projects, for example:

— site audit;
— collection of the semantic core;
— creating meta tags (title/description), creating masks;
— working with landing pages;
— drawing up technical specifications;
— niche and competitor analysis;
— regular analytics on the project.

Benefits of SEO Outsourcing

Outsourcing website optimization and promotion tasks to a third party may be a good choice if you do not have the time, resources, or people with the appropriate skills on staff. Delegation of various types of processes is actively used in many business niches, and SEO is no exception. This is a complex and knowledge-intensive area, and low qualifications of performers can lead to the loss of money and time.

Here are several significant advantages that you can get if you outsource the whole thing:

— Cost reduction. There is no need to hire a person on staff and pay him a monthly salary. The average size of the market can be considerable. You pay only after the fact for the work performed;

— Scaling capabilities. When working under an outsourcing model, this is not a problem, unlike when only internal resources are used. You can receive more man-hours as your needs grow;

— Expertise. Search Engine Optimization is a complex and rapidly evolving field. You need to stay updated with the latest changes and constantly learn new things. Only people who work professionally in this field can provide the required level of expertise;

— View from the outside. Involving outside specialists allows you to look at many things from a different angle and opens up new opportunities for development;

— Fixed cost. Working with an hourly rate to complete tasks makes it easier to plan financially. It also makes it easier to evaluate the return on investment.

It is essential to understand that search engine promotion is not a job that can be done in a few hours or days. You need to work on your site regularly to achieve the best results. That is why it is worth outsourcing the work to specialists with the appropriate expertise — to ensure this work is being done correctly.

Possible Challenges

The main risk when working on an outsourcing model is that using the services of another company is like buying a pig in a poke. If you haven’t previously collaborated, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong at some point.

Two contractors in the same price range who promise to solve the same problems may deliver different results.

How to avoid this? You need to focus primarily not on the price but on analyzing the work scheme: are the interaction processes sufficiently transparent, and are KPIs used to evaluate the results adequately? To dive into this topic, read more information from the Bottlerocket media.


Like many other aspects of business, outsourcing SEO provides both benefits and risks. However, there are still noticeably more positive aspects. The work of experienced search engine optimization specialists can be an excellent long-term investment to save you from unnecessary headaches.

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